Josh Wilson’s Fairfax County Police Hat

Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson is a child of Redskins Nation, and a DMV native who has come home to roost in Washington.  So while most players will either wear Redskins apparel (Oshiomogho Atogwe conducts all interviews in a Redskins cap), or baseball/football/college caps, Wilson always sports his Fairfax County Police hat for interviews.

I finally caught up with him today to discuss the significance, which has three different angles to it:

1. He wants to support his local police department.  He has a lot of respect for the men and women that serve their communities in law enforcement, and he wants to show his support.  Also, the hat was free.

2. It makes him look official. “I like the way it looks, and people say I look like a cop,” he said with a big laugh.  “I like it though, it feels pretty cool.  They said that the real ones have a stiffer brim than that though, so I’m trying to work my way over to a Fairfax Police Department and get a real one.”

“I just need the Aviators–I need a pair of cop glasses now.”

3. He wants the police on his side.  “I live in Fairfax County, so I need them to look out for me,” he said with a big smile.  “I’ll get the whole gear, I’ll donate to their cause.  Just remember–I’m a donor!”

Look for Wilson to be patrolling one side of the field on Sunday, looking to crack down on crime through the air.  If he can have a game like he did in Week 3 against the Cowboys, then he will have served and protected Redskins Nation.

0 thoughts on “Josh Wilson’s Fairfax County Police Hat

  1. From a cop, this is refreshing. Josh just won some big respect points. There are athletes who seem to act above the law. Wilson’s attitude is one that can be admired by young people who need a positive role model.


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