Paul Defends His Respect For ‘Twilight’

On the gridiron, Redskins rookie Niles Paul is a gritty receiver, respectable return man, and intimidating presence on special teams.

Off the field, he’s an Angry Birds enthusiast, movie connoisseur, and a shameless lover of the “Twilight” saga:!/Niles_Paul/status/137630796256251905

Twilight?  Really?  

[Editor’s Note: For those of you that aren’t aware, “Twilight” is generally considered to be the “sparkly” version of vampires and werewolves.  It’s geared less towards those that want the  Underworld-gore and Van-Helsing-action, and more towards those that want an excuse to see Taylor Lautner’s abs.]

“Yes, Twilight,” he said with a smile. “I’m gonna go see it in the next two hours, man.  See, the thing is that, I don’t know what it is about me, but–I hear everyone talk about it being mushy, but it’s not about that–I read the books.”

With such a bold confession, there had to be a good reason.  How could a seemingly tough guy like Paul be a screaming “Twi-hard?”

“There’s something about vampires that just attracts me.  I could watch vampire and werewolf movies all day,” he said.  “So even if they are glittery and girly, they have their moments where they just beast-out.  I enjoy the movies.”

It turns out, that not only is Paul a Twilight fanatic who has seen each of the Twilight movies to date, but he also has used his power of influence over former teammates.

“Actually in college one time, I convinced the team to go,” he said, noting that DeJon Gomes and Roy Helu did not join in the experience.  “I got most of the team to go to the midnight showing of one of the Twilight movies.  We took up three rows of the theater, and it was just a whole bunch of dudes in there.”

Paul actually broke his streak of midnight showings for the Twilight series, putting his job as a professional athlete above his need to be the first to see a movie.  “I would have been too tired this morning, since I have to wake up at 6 a.m.”

In regards to his reputation, Paul doesn’t need anyone’s approval, but did note that his favorite movie of all time is “Gladiator.”  As a matter of fact, he likes any movies based in ancient Rome and Greece that uses epic narration and has quality action.

0 thoughts on “Paul Defends His Respect For ‘Twilight’

  1. Well you know what?….whatever works!….I’m thinking we need to go like the 300 Spartans on Sunday. This loosing streak needs to end and give Redskins Nation something to go tribal about!!!!! Time to force Romo into that late season break down (we know it’s comming anyhow, it does every year) and Skins get a win here. Lets step it up !!!!!


  2. Twilight? The only film any of the Skins need to be viewing is film of the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Jets, Patriots, Vikings, and Seahawks (their remaining opponents). But looking at the injury report, and the fact that they seem to lose players to injury every week, they may have to forfeit the final 4-5 games. I can’t even bring myself to watch the game against the Cowboys, but please do the Skins fans in attendance a favor… show up and don’t let the Cowboys destroy you on your home field. If you only win one more game this season, let this one be it.


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