Jenkins’s Rehab, Diverse Musical Tastes

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The Redskins have made no secrets about their excitement for rookie defensive end Jarvis Jenkins since they made him their second-round draft pick in April.  Before his injury, he was on track for major P.T. (playing time) in this year’s defense.

Now he’s on track for a different kind of P.T.: physical therapy.  And he’s approached it with the same intensity.

Despite having a clean tear of his ACL in August, he said that he’s already gotten back on the elliptical and treadmill, working his way up to a decent jog.  Not only is he staying in shape, but he’s also working hard to keep his weight down to aid in the rehab process.

“My knee feels good, man, I just wanna play,” he said with his same old smile.  “I gotta play, but I appreciate [the team] not rushing it.”

As a lineman, Jenkins has seen some impact injuries before.  This is the first injury that has put him on the shelf for any amount of time.

“I’ve been through some bad injuries before, where you just tape it up and go,” he recalled.  “I had a sprained MCL once and came back the next week. Sprained ankle?  Tape it up and go. Fractured wrist?  Tape it up and go. But obviously, I gotta worry about the career now.”

I suggested that he had to worry about the next decade-plus of good health and NFL production.  He laughed and said, “Shoot, I don’t wanna think about all that–that’s a long time.  I’ll just focus on this week of rehab.”

Evidence of his good spirits during one of the toughest parts of his life, he walked around the locker room, belting out the lyrics to Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried.”

Having heard some of the songs he listened to before, I had to ask about his affinity for country music.

“Just that one song,” he promised, with a laugh.  “Only because I was forced to listen to it, going to school in the south. Hey man, you gotta be diverse.  I like a little bit of Toby Keith.  Who sings that song, ‘Dream of Californication?’ Red Hot Chili Peppers! See, I heard that before, and I told you man, I’m diverse–I know a little bit.”

At that point, he suggested that he doesn’t really like rock music, and challenged me to find music that he liked.  So I turn the challenge over to you: what songs would you put on a Jarvis Jenkins rock mix?

0 thoughts on “Jenkins’s Rehab, Diverse Musical Tastes

  1. Can’t wait to see him tearing into 0-linemen from the R-DE slot. Hope PERRY RILEY is the answer behind him next season so we don’t have to waste a pick on a W-ILB. ‘SKINS have a few more fish to fry behind those two. On offense like

    1 – QB
    2- R-OT
    3 – OG
    4 – C/G

    and on defense

    1 – NT
    2 – S-ILB
    3 – CB
    4 – FS

    not necessarily in that order.

    If we get two per year from the draft on that laundry list, it will take four more drafts to rebuild this team. With some luck, a trade. a lower round find, and two FA’s might cut that time in half. Here’s hoping. GO ‘SKINS, show up the COWGIRLS 10- 3 today.


  2. I would suggest some jazz. Start with a study of the development of the genre from SCOTT JOPLIN – ‘Jelly-roll’ MORTON through today’s alternative styles like PRAFUL – RYAN FARISH.

    Maybe some hard drivin’ JOHN POWELL. That cut on the BOURNE SUPREMICY movie when the Russian assassin was in the MOSCOW club. That’s pretty cool.


  3. Jarvis:

    If you read this go to you tube and you’ll find it under “the Bourne Supremacy – Moscow Club or Russian Club” either one.


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