Third Quarter Thoughts

What if the Redskins threw a sack party and everyone was invited?

In the last thirty minutes of football, the Redskins have managed to fell Tony Romo four times, by a quartet of defenders.  Rookie Chris Neild and Ryan Kerrigan began the trend in the first half, with veterans Stephen Bowen and London Fletcher followed suit.  Like the first two, Bowen’s was a coverage sack, chasing Romo down after a long game of cat and mouse in the Cowboys backfield.

Fletcher made quick work of Romo’s protection, and followed his sack up with the best sack dance of the day.  That’s the veteran presence at work.

On the day, there are six different Redskins that have rushed the football, with only five receivers of passes.  The Redskins trail in time of possession.  They are losing the turnover battle at minus-one.

But they lead in the one category that matters, and that’s on the score board.  It may be unorthodox, but it’s working so far.

Washington ahead going into the final frame: Redskins 17, Cowboys 10.

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