Who Is Your MVR(edskin)?

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Like any great rivalry game, this one looks like it’s going to come down to the wire.  At the 2-minute warning, who is your most valuable Redskins contributor, to this point?

0 thoughts on “Who Is Your MVR(edskin)?

  1. I thought Stallworth looked like MVR getting that late game catch to keep us in it. Another disappointing loss, I’m sure none worse felt than by the team players. We have many soldiers down to injury and still the team made a noble effort so although a win would be excellent atleast I’m not embarassed by the lack of heart. We certainly have needs. I thought the offense woke up a bit. Deffense looked good. Maybe next time o, d, and special teams can put together a complete game. You can pick any play that fell short in a game like that and if it had gone our way we probably would have won. HTTR! AND HANG IN THERE


  2. MV(R) should be reserved for victorious teams, and since they lost (again), I agree w/Cranky fan in who to cut, but I’ll add to the list those who should be fired:

    Entire management team
    All position coaches
    Strength & conditioning coach

    But here’s the solution to stop subjecting ourselves to losses week-in-and-week-out: Relocate the team to Canada, and call themselves the Montreal Hilltoppers. We still have the Ravens, who play real football.


  3. Bee Gee’
    If you get Snider to turn over duties of draft picks— picking up players along the way——- All side-line personel —– players scouts —— all under a knowledgible PRO-FOOTBALL oriented & PROVEN gen. manager like Bobby Beathard was yrs. ago regardless of COST ( $$$$$$$$$ ) skins will be a WINNER again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. banks broke it open this time. have to hand it to him, he produced some shorter then usual fields against the cowgirls. its a shame our team worked like they did and gano leaves us wanting. of course no one here was surprised, soon as 4th down came around i knew we lost. the only thing that kept me from turning the tv off is i know how quickly romo can choke. but we wernt so lucky this time. our guys actually looked like football players on sunday, I hope we finish off the season looking like that, even if our kicker for some reason is still here


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