More Redskins On ESPN All-Division Team

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While the team may not be moving in the right direction in the division standings, the players are getting more recognition for their efforts.  This week’s ESPN’s Dan Graziano’s “All-NFC East Team” features six Redskins’ positions, an increase from last week’s five.

The big man on campus?  Ryan Kerrigan knocked off Mathias Kiwanuka for the outside linebacker position, reclaiming the perch that he had following the first two weeks of the season.

Altogether, there were nine Cowboys, six Giants, six Eagles and six Redskins.

Here’s the full list of Redskins:

Fullback: Darrel Young, Redskins (Young)

Center: Will Montgomery, Redskins (Montgomery)

Outside linebacker: DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys; Ryan Kerrigan, Redskins (Ware, Mathias Kiwanuka)

Inside linebacker: London Fletcher, Redskins; Sean Lee, Cowboys (Fletcher, Lee)

Kick returner: Brandon Banks, Redskins (Banks)

Punt returner: Brandon Banks, Redskins (Banks)

Before last week, I would have said that Banks was on this list for the success that he had last year, and the fact that none of the returners in the division were doing well.  But after his 190 return yards against Dallas, he earned his spots this week, and will look for one or two more blocks this week in order to reach the end zone.

This is the reasoning that Graziano offered for placing Kerrigan back on the list:

Either Kerrigan or Brian Orakpo had to go in for Kiwanuka this week. It’s been close all along, and the 3-4 outside ‘backers tend to impact games more than the 4-3 ones anyway. I went with Kerrigan, who I feel has made more impact plays than Orakpo has this year, by a hair. Good three-way race for the spot opposite King DeMarcus.

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