Week 12 Power Rankings Roundup

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Following a players-only meeting last week, the Redskins responded by posting their best offensive performance since September, in a game that required extra time to decide.  For some prognosticators, that was enough for the Redskins to stay put on their weekly power rankings.

For some, it was actually enough to rise up the list.

And for others, it was a short slip towards the bottom of the barrel.

Check out your Thanksgiving buffet of Week 12 power rankings:

CBSSports.com gave the Redskins No. 26, dropping from No. 22 last week:

FoxSports.com elevated the Redskins to No. 24, up from No. 28 last week:

NBC/Profootballtalk.com unsurprisingly dropped the Redskins to No. 30, down from last week’s No. 29:

ESPN.com held the Redskins at No. 26, same as last week’s No. 26:

NFC East blogger for ESPN.com, Dan Graziano, who has been complimentary of the Redskins performance against the Cowboys, agreed with the Redskins’ placement on the ESPN list.  Indeed, if they can’t handle the Seahawks this weekend, it’s a short drop to the bottom of the pile:

The Skins’ overtime loss to Dallas was the best game they’ve played in a month and a half, but it was still a loss, and they’re 3-7 and hanging out with the bottom-feeders. It’s hard to make a convincing argument to move them up. I mean, the Dolphins are one spot ahead of them and beat them head to head. I guess they get a chance to shake out of things this week with a trip to No. 23 Seattle, but if they lose that one, the bottom of the poll is going to start coming up on them pretty quickly here.

The Redskins are currently in the middle of their worst streak since 1998, when they opened the season at 0-7.  Looking down the stretch of the 2011 season, the odds get tougher every week, making this Sunday a big game.  But with a short week of practice and a long flight ahead of them, it certainly won’t be easy.

0 thoughts on “Week 12 Power Rankings Roundup

  1. With any luck we’ll get Kyle Orton, he’ll bring up our draft pick, and we will never speak the names Grossman or Beck again. I really don’t think there’s much Shanahan can do with this offense, we’re at least two drafts away from consistency. I just hope he is given the time. We were not an overnight project when he came to us.


  2. another losing year. another highlights of them losing (a COUPLE ON ESPN). an another boring year. How often do they talk about redskins? If it was me, I clear house on all their butts. I been a redskins fan since 83, I feel very depressed. How come it took them to get on fire until the last min with Dallas? goodbye redskins see you on the bottom of next year again. same old thing same old result. you guys are really a joke.


  3. bye the way, this year all i got to say, greenbay , san fran, boring boring. greenbay easy schedule. stayed tune for more highlights on dallas, and greenbay. And doing everyday of week on espn.


  4. draft a great quarterback. And lose the rest of the games, thats what you do good. get a high draft pick. then start losing again like the lions and get better.


  5. Thats your advice? Draft a great quarterback? I’m glad you have no say in what goes on. If it were that easy to draft a great QB everyone would have one. You use the term GREAT to freely. Like thats how it works… And Green Bay is very good, they have the best QB in the league AND talent around him. Green Bay deserves to be shown all the time, they are a good team. Good teams sell.


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