Behind Enemy Lines With Pete Carroll

Before Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll began his second at-bat as an NFL coach in 2010, he was a dynastic college head coach at USC.  While he was in sunny Southern California, he recruited and developed Toledo, Ohio product Fred Davis.

During his time with the Redskins, Davis has capitalized on limited opportunity, showing his vast potential with feast-or-famine regularity.  In his conference call with the Washington media on Wednesday, Carroll explained how he absolutely knew that Davis would be a stud:

“When we were recruiting him, we thought he was a No. 1 draft pick,” he said.  “When we saw him and looked at his potential, that’s why we went after him.  Really, when we recruit guys out-of-state, in those days, that was our criteria.  Freddy was like that.”

At the end of his college career, Davis actually ended up going early in the second round, but Carroll didn’t sound disappointed by his lofty projections of young Freddy D.  

“He had a very good career for us,” Carroll said.  “He was one of the best tight ends in the country coming out.  Big, strong, fast, tough–all that stuff.”

In four years at USC, Davis managed a stat line of 117 receptions, 1,408 yards, a 12.0 yard average, and 13 receiving touchdowns in 34 games.  In four years in the pros, he has 121 receptions for 1,491 yards, a 12.3 yard average and 11 receiving touchdowns in 31 starts.

Doesn’t get much more similar than that.

“I think it’s marvelous that he’s been able to transition into this kind of player,” Carroll said of Davis.  “I mean, he’s a focal point player on an NFL team.  We’re game-planning for Freddy.  ‘Where is he?  He’s over there.  He’s doing this.  He’s doing that.'”

“I think it’s awesome.”

I doubt that, especially if Davis turns in a big day on Sunday.

“They’re doing a fantastic job of utilizing him,” Carroll continued.  “It’s a credit to him.  I don’t think that there was any expectation you couldn’t hold for him.  He’s coming through in great fashion.”

Hopefully, he can prove his old coach right on Sunday, back on the West Coast.

0 thoughts on “Behind Enemy Lines With Pete Carroll

  1. With Moss getting back in the game Sunday I’m thinking that a 3 headed snake will hit the field Sunday. Moss, Gaffney and Davis should be able to rip it up if the good Grossman shows. It might even spread the field some to get the run game back moving. Hit the shorts first and early to freeze the line backers and slow the rush. All we need to do is catch the balls!!!! Gheeesy Weeesy….Oh Yeah….We need to hit some kick goals too! Daaaag Gowneee…Somebody do something and put on the good Voooo Doooo. Please get this thing going again.


  2. Gordon… when’s the last time the Skins drafted what they actually needed? They will make bonehead picks in the draft like they do every year, so I don’t think the fans need to rely on the draft. Who do the Skins have on staff to develop QBs?… no one, so we can hope and pray for whatever QB we’d like. There’ll be no one to develop him, so he’ll just become a clone of Grossman/Beck and the losses will continue to pile up. I hate to be pessimistic, but the Skins have put us (fans) through this same ol’ dog-and-pony-show for many years.


  3. Bee Gee:

    You pose the questioin, “When was the last time the REDSKINS drafted what they actually needed?

    Uh,h,h let’s see………oh yeah, last draft. RYAN KERRIGAN, JARVIS JENKINS, LEONARD HANKERSON, ROY HELU, heck even NILES PAUL and CHRIS NEILD, maybe EVAN ROYSTER, but I’ll get back to you on that. It’s a new day in REDSKINS-land, and we’re heading for vast improvement if the team pulls off a superior QB get, and solid RT pick in this next draft.

    But I would point out one salient fact of your post. You say, “……..I hate to be pessimistic……….” I say, ‘No………you don’t.”

    But you are right about the b/s that’s occurred under DAN SNYDER’s ownership. VINNIE ‘The Bag-Man’ is not calling the shots in the front office at this point however, even though he’s lurking in the owners tent.

    Now I’m with you on the hatin’ if that screaming moron ever comes back making personnel decisions for the team. Until then and off what I’ve seen this season, ALLEN-SHANAHAN get a pass from me regarding hatin’.


  4. Bee Gee,
    after 43 yrs. a skins fan I’m happy to see some of you fans agree with the fact SNIDER is the cause of skins SHITTY yrs. since SNIDER got the team . SNIDER needs to step out of the way & and get a PRO-FOOTBALL minded & experienced G/M to evaluate , pick & get players with veteran time playing but not almost SHOT !!!!!!!!! Young players with potential & ability.


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