Darrel Young’s Blog: We Will Get Better

Redskins fullback Darrel Young has been a real success story over the last two years, making the transition from a FCS linebacker to above-average NFL fullback.

His emergence on the field has led to his emergence in the locker room, and the inevitable emergence in the media.  Following Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys, he took to Twitter to promote his personal blog on his personal Web site, to talk directly to the fans:


And what he had to say was pretty profound.  It started with a look back at the disappointment of last Sunday’s game:

These past few weeks have been very frustrating. We have been so close but haven’t been able to finish. We have the talent among the players, knowledge among the coaches, and the system has worked under coach Shanahan.

Losing a division game to the Cowboys was more than just a loss. The meaning and feeling behind that game is far more than just a football game. It is one of the oldest rivalries and most historical rivalries in the game of football.

This touches on an important feeling in the locker room over the last few weeks: focus vs. frustration.  No one has been angrier at the fate of this team than the players.  No amount of fan ire or media criticism can make that feeling worse.

But rather than watching a locker room splinter into offense vs. defense or petty warring factions, this team has turned inward and leaned on each another.  Together, they’ve worked to tune out criticisms and fill in for injuries, trying to recapture the success they experienced early in the season.

Could last week’s near-miss serve as the spark this team needs?

In the end they won, but we played hard. We did something that we haven’t done in weeks, and that was execute on offense. We were able to score a first quarter touchdown, which is something we haven’t done since week 4 versus the St. Louis Rams. The running game hasn’t been what it needs to be and I need to get better blocking in the running game to open up some holes for the backs to run through.

Young also offers praise to his teammates that he would give the game ball to.  You might say that these are Darrel Young’s MVR(edskins):

My game ball for the Dallas game goes to three players: Rex Grossman, who played a good enough game for us to win. Daunte Stallworth for coming back after being cut the week before and catching a big touchdown pass, and JabarGaffney who had 7 catches for 115 yards.

He also makes his promise and his plea, the thesis of his blog post, if you will:

Redskins nation, I promise we will get better, we just need a chance.

One could argue that the team has fallen short in the last six chances.  On the other hand, this team has a chance to turn the corner with the next six chances that they have, starting with a trip this weekend to Seattle:

We travel to Seattle this weekend to play the Seahawks. We are looking to pick up this win and start our journey to going 9-7 on the season. I feel very comfortable about where this team is going and where we will end up. We have some ball players and guys who want to win.

We need to keep progressing as an offense. A wise man once told me that the veterans will always show up to play. It’s about the younger guys. This is a young football team and we will get better.

Quote for the Week: “Do not follow where the path may lead us, yet go where there is no path, but leave a trail.”

Grab your All-Torain offense, it’s time to go off-roading with the Redskins in Seattle.

0 thoughts on “Darrel Young’s Blog: We Will Get Better

  1. Mr. Young… your comments sounds very much like the comments of every player after a loss. You said, “No one is angrier at the fate of this team than the players.” I beg to differ; you say exactly what we want to hear. The team will get better… just give you a chance? We did just that after the 1st Cowboys loss, where you allowed a beat-up team to win with field goals. You followed that with a 7-point win against one of the worse teams (Rams) in the league. We were totally behind you at 3-1 (though you should’ve been unbeaten at that point). Then you managed to end the Eagles’ 4-game losing streak, lose to a rookie QB, get shutout by Buffalo, lose to another terrible team (Miami), lose to Dallas (again), and the 49ers. I’ve been reading these blogs for several weeks, and there are many optimistic fans who are still spending tons of money on game tickets, parking at the stadium, and merchandise (keeping you all rich). I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” So, my advice… stop telling us what we want to hear (words), and start showing us (action) what we want to see (100% effort from all starters on offense, defense, and special teams)… the result?… victories!!


  2. BEE GEE:

    Chill from the hatin’ dude. ROME wasn’t built in a day.

    Three fourths of our problems are on the offense, but that still doesn’t mean that the defense isn’t contributing. D-HALL comes immediately to mind. The guy just can’t cover when it counts. BRANDYN THOMPSON is not the answer, but he has potential. At least in pre-season, he was NEAR the receivers unlike KEVIN BARNES.


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