The Best Redskins Thanksgiving Leftovers

After finishing up practice and serving the community, players attended to their own holiday plans yesterday, and shared them with the Redskins Twitterverse.

First, there was the group of long snapper Nick Sundberg, offensive linemen Erik Cook and Eric Olsen, and third-string quarterback Jonathan Crompton celebrating a deep-fried Thanksgiving:

We had receiver Anthony Armstrong, who re-opened the debate of Thanksgiving “dressing” vs. “stuffing.”  He got pretty good support among his current and former Redskins teammates for his “Team Dressing” stance on the issue:

And then there were the Happy Thanksgiving wishes from each of the Redskins to the fans.  The sentiments echoed by everyone in the locker room, is that this holiday is about family, food, and football.  For some player, it was time with their loved ones, and for others, it was time with their second family of teammates.  For some it was a holiday bird, and for some it was a trip to Boston Market.  But no matter how they celebrated yesterday, it’s back to football today.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone:!/freddavis83/statuses/139679477889376256!/stevebo72/statuses/139698381047070720!/JabarGaffney/statuses/139771725129846785!/Dhall23/statuses/139780645575593984

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