A Redskins’ Tour Of The Pacific Northwest

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Welcome to Seattle, Wash., the land of Starbucks, Nirvana, and the Space Needle.  I’ve even heard that people are occasionally sleepless here, although I didn’t have that problem last night.

The best part of flying into town early is that there’s actually time to see the city where the Redskins will play, which is nice break for the players and yours truly.  This morning, I took a step away from my laptop and walked around the downtown waterfront area of town.

The best part of my travels, is that I was never very far from Redskins fans.  I stopped by the world-famous Pike Place Fish Co., where they throw the fish back and forth across the counter.  Here’s some footage:

But the best part of the fish market, is that lifelong Redskins fan “Ray Ray” Nix works there, selling fish and startling strangers by moving one of the fish and growling.  He said that he’s been a Redskins fan his whole life, despite never setting foot in DC, mesmerized as a child by the likes of Gibbs, Riggins and Monk.  He also works part time at CenturyLink Field, and predicts a low-scoring seven-point victory for the Burgundy and Gold tomorrow:

Always nice to see Redskins nationals sporting their gear in a foreign land, and it was great to chat with Ray Ray for a bit.

Seattle is really a vibrant cultural center for arts and music, including this unmistakable tribute to a European explorer.  Who can name that European:

Naturally, that’s Christopher Columbus.  Which is sort of like current Redskins offensive guard, and former Seahawk Tyler Polumbus.

Happy Polumbus Day.

And who can name this Redskins.com blogger?

Proof that the sun does, in fact, poke it’s head out every now and then in Seattle.  I figured that called for a self-portrait.

The annual college football match-up between the Washington State Huskies and the Washington Cougars is going on today at CenturyLink Field, pulling off a weekend double header for the Seahawks house.  As much as I love to tailgate, I couldn’t fake allegiance to either team, and instead checked out the Mariners’ home at Safeco Field:

All around the stadium, there are the standard ballpark warnings not to bring in coolers, weapons, animals, or glass containers.  Because we’re on the West Coast, however, they need to post those warnings in Japanese as well:

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