Redskins-Seahawks Is A Family Affair

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Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh may ask to cover No. 18 on the Seahawks today, or at least jam him off the line.  it turns out that their football rivalry goes way back to when they were kid–cousins growing up in Gaffney, SC.

After beginning his career as a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Rice joined the the Seahawks on a big contract this past offseason.  McIntosh said that he was looking forward to seeing his cousin, both before and during the game, but that Rice is probably “too big and important for him now.

Time to bring him back down to earth, Rocky.

Rice has had a decent year for the Seahawks, hauling in 32 catches for 484 yards and two touchdowns.  His value is in his ability to take the ball deep, however, and his long on the season is a 52-yarder.

Despite a four year difference between the two, McIntosh has only been in the pros for one year longer.  But thanks to a difference in responsibility on defense and offense, they have had limited opportunities to play one another.  McIntosh will see playing time today on defense, and Rice figures to be a key part of the Seahawks aerial attack

Look for some cousinly love on the gridiron this afternoon.

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