Grossman Dishes Out Post-Game Awards

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With yesterday’s win, Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman improved his record to 4-4 as a starter this season.  After the game, he couldn’t keep the excitement out of his voice, as he heaped praise on his biggest offensive playmakers.

“It was awesome today,” he said, fighting back a big smile.

On running back Roy Helu:

“He had some hard runs that aren’t always on the highlight reel, but kept us in third-and-manageable, or second-and-four,” he said.  “We were able to pick up first downs and move the ball.  And then, to see that, that was one of the most impressive runs I’ve ever seen, to just hurdle somebody and keep on moving–that was awesome.  That was the play that really got us going in the fourth quarter and made us able to win.”

Rex has been around some quality running backs in Chicago and Washington, but Helu’s 28-yard track meet was one of the best.

On receiver Anthony Armstrong:

“Well, we had a double go on the outside with Santana working over the middle,” Grossman recalled about his 50-yard bomb to Armstrong.  “We had seven-man protection and they were dropping eight, bringing only three.”

Seven blockers vs. three pass rushers is usually considered to be an advantage.  Grossman had to time make his read and launch a pass to the end zone.

“I saw that they didn’t have help over the top of Anthony Armstrong, one of the fastest guys in the NFL,” he said.  “So I tried to buy him enough time to eat up the cushion on the defender, and eventually blow by him.  Pre-snap, I saw that look, and I was going to him all the way, it was just a matter of time, to buy him time to clear that defender and put it in a spot where he could go get it.”

“And, y’know, it worked.”

This is a passing attack that went into the season with some of the best raw speed in the NFL.  According to his quarterback, Armstrong is among the most fleet of foot.

This game boiled down to who wanted it more in the fourth quarter.  With the help of one of the fastest men in the NFL, and one of the best runs in the last 31 years, Rex and the Redskins got it done yesterday.

To hear more of Grossman’s commentary and how he was battling LeBron James at cornerback, make the jump:

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0 thoughts on “Grossman Dishes Out Post-Game Awards

  1. Totally agree, Everyone has bad days, you can’t mess with the most important position like that because of one bad game. Rex is good enough to make it to the super bowl, he’s done it before!


  2. One bad game???!!!!A win after 6 straigh losses and you are ready to give Grossman props? That 50 yard bomb was luck and could have easily been picked off which is more to his style. The redskins have set a new NFL record with at least 1 turnover in the last 25 consecutive games and Grossman is responsible for over half of them! That is not a record to be proud of. Sure “he’s done it before” but do you remember how he did the next season? Grossman is done and should have been fired. If Beck got some more snaps he might have done better. They had a proven winner with McNabb but couldn’t manage to work with him either. Bottom line is that the Skins have not been able to get a franchise QB since Joe T. Until they learn how to draft correctly and not give up picks for old washups they wiill not see the big game again.


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