Players Embrace ‘Chippy’ Atmosphere

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Coming off a loss in a winnable game to the Cowboys, the Redskins didn’t need any extra motivation to win on Sunday.  But that doesn’t mean the Seahawks weren’t willing to provide it.

“Those guys, they was talking like they were Super Bowl Champions,” tight end Fred Davis told CSNWashington after the game.  “I was looking at them like, ‘Huh?  You almost have the same record as us.'”

And now they do, after the Redskins hung 23 points on them, on the road.  But the tone for the game was set during the pregame coin toss, where the five captains from each team had to be restrained.  It was one of the more confusing altercations that anyone in the press box could remember, considering these two teams haven’t played in three years.  For anyone who thinks there’s nothing on the line when a 3-7 team faces a 4-6 team in November–think again.

“Y’know I told the guys in the locker room, we shouldn’t really have to get almost into a fisticuffs and an all-out-brawl to wanna go out and play football and hit somebody in the mouth,” DeAngelo Hall told CSNWashington after the game.  “But I’m definitely proud of these guys with the way they responded.  I knew the offense was gonna be ready to play, y’know, Trent Williams was over there to talk to them right after the coin toss, and I saw it in his eyes, man.”

Head coach Mike Shanahan said after the game that he had seen a coin toss devolve into bedlam before, but he appreciated his players poise for staying focused on football.

“You’ve gotta stay away from verbal confrontations because you lose your focus,” he said.  “I’ve been through too many games where you lose because guys lose their cool, and I was hoping that wasn’t gonna happen to us today.”

Instead, the Redskins used that fire as motivation to find a way to win.

Check out more player reactions, via CSNWashington, below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”801163/csn_2011-11-28-013603.1535.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Players Embrace ‘Chippy’ Atmosphere

  1. It’s about making plays, and Rex does make more of them than John Beck does. The defense bent a little at points, but overall, they played with “force” when they needed to. It also helped that Seattle has no QBs.


  2. Radio said today the smack and taunting was to much and I say no. I believe it was invoked by Seattle and finished by Washington. I think it needed to be delivered with more stradegy but I’m pleased to know we don’t back down and wimper like beaten dogs with a tail between the legs. It’s just a fact now that all teams pencil in that W for win against the Skins and I’m glad to know there going to have to earn it in every way!,,,,,Good job Redskin Nation…HTTR!!!


  3. I agree — even Dallas knew they were lucky to escape last week with a win. Seriously, we need to start thinking about a new placekicker and blockers on FG attempts. Those blocked kicks yesterday were horrible.


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