The Recipients Of Redskins Holiday Cheer

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As the holiday season has approached, we’ve spent a lot of time focused on the players contributions back to their communities, and how wonderful it is that they stay involved.

The part that’s often forgotten in these situations is the impact on the beneficiaries of the holiday cheer–especially the children.

These are a little past due, but they just passed my desk, and warranted being passed along to you.  The stories will melt even the Scrooge-iest of hears.

Tip of the cap to local television stations ABC-7 and NBC-4 for covering the impact of Redskins community outreach events, on those that receive.

One recipient of the Johnny Rockets-Redskins lunch at the Loudoun Homeless Services Center, was 10-year-old, Clinton Portis-jersey-wearing Tanyhja Davis.  Both right tackle Jammal Brown and running back Ryan Torain accented her favorite jersey with fresh autographs while they were there.

“I felt surprised,” she told ABC-7 reporter Jessica Stone.  “Because it’s my first time meeting the Redskins.”

Earlier in the week, 400 volunteers conducted the annual Harris Teeter-Redskins Harvest Feast at FedExField.

One recipient of the feast was former Navy sailor and single mother of four, Tymia Wiggins.  Wiggins dicussed with Erica Gonzalez of NBC-4, how without the Harvest Feast, there wouldn’t necessarily be a holiday meal.

“I would probably have to share with family and friends, and visit–try to get plates and see what everyone has for us,” she admitted.

The television station followed up with Wiggins and her family on Thanksgiving, and showed her cooking her Redskins bird.  Clearly, this meant a lot to Tymia, but watching her littlest boy look in the camera and say “Thanks Wedskins,” is really what the spirit of giving is all about.

via NBC-4

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