Hall Focused On Picks, Wins Over Awards

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Earlier today, it was announced that Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall had been selected as the NFC Defensive Player of the Week.

That’s a major turnaround for a guy that told the media after the Cowboys game that if there’s finger-pointing to be made, he would want it at him.  Today in the locker room, the media was pointing fingers again–but in a good way.

Unfortunately for them, Hall wasn’t ready to take the good with the bad yet.  When asked how he felt about his seven passes defensed on Sunday, he had a few regrets

“Yeah, a lot of dropped picks, basically,” he said with a smirk.  “I definitely dropped a couple gifts. But, y’know, we got the win, and that’s kinda all that matters.”

“But it was a nice award, a nice honor.”

Hall rebounded physically and emotionally from any disappointments he weather during and after the Cowboys game.  This may not have been the statement game that he was looking for, but his efforts on defense were part of a larger team effort that won the game.

And that’s kinda all that matters.

Catch the rest of his understated thoughts, and his preview of Rex Ryan and the Jets:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”804187/redskins_2011-11-30-123427.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Hall Focused On Picks, Wins Over Awards

  1. Hall will have to keep it stepped up. Wilson will have to do the same. Week in and week out victory in these games depend on there performance being flawless. Sanchez is a good passing QB. He’ll set up in the pocket briefly but likes to roll out and extend the play. Hall and Wison need to stay with the play from whistle to whistle. If they don’t stay stuck on it’s not going to be good. We need better zone coverage. It looks like the cover and release is sloopy at times.
    Rac and Ryan need to keep Sanchez contained. Haz needs to get that Jets O lined opened up and send in a screaming eagle (Landry} with hatchett in hand to scalp Sanchez. Send him in frequent and fast from line backer early and get the sacks and interceptions comming. Rex G is good to keep big O in overdrive and put up the points to win. All we need to do is “catch the ball”….dang it!!! He better expect Rex Ryan will be banking on a blitz win and victory by defense. I liked mixing Sellers in to catch and run in the flat last week in Seattle. If our O line faulters lets get that bubble and screen working soon to help them out. It looked like something was clicking finally with that last week. Lets get the 12th man in this home game for a full 60 and a win this time. Send in the wild warriors up the Jets gut and dominate this game!


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