Hall Talks Cowboys, Jets And Rex Ryan

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On this week’s Adam Rank “Gridiron Podcast For Kids” segment of the NFL.com’s Dave Dameshek Football Podcast (51-minute mark), Rank chats with Week 12 NFC Defensive Player of the Week, Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

Hall has made a lot of headlines in the last two weeks, from his critical assessment of his play in Dallas, to his stellar play against the Seahawks.  While it may have surprised people to hear that he would cut himself for his level of play, Hall revealed to Rank, that that’s just the type of outspoken leadership he provides

Me being the captain of this team and the captain of this defense, I felt like the onus was on me to make that play that sealed the win for us and I didn’t do it.

I never said go out and cut me.  I grew up in Washington, played college ball in the Virginia area, and this is the place I always wanted to be.  This is a dream job for me and there’s no other place I’d rather be.  But definitely going against the Dallas Cowboys, that’s a game that we all get up for, the owner, the front office, all the fans–myself included, growing up and knowing how intense this rivalry is.  I wanted it so bad, and to have it right there at the tip of my fingers and not be able to reach it or claim it–it was tough.  It was tough.

In the age of free agency and high roster movement, there’s some talk of the rivalries not being as heated as they once were.  If that’s true, it’s news to Hall:

Those guys with the stars on their helmets–us and them genuinely don’t get along during the course of the game.  They have Cowboys helmets on and we have Redskins helmets on.  May the best survive.

Yesterday during open locker room, Hall was asked how he would work with Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who is known for his blunt, outspoken style.  Hall deflected the question, saying he’d never met Rex, and would either love him or hate him.

But Rank followed that up today by asking Hall if he thinks he could out-talk Hall.  And surprisingly, Hall laughed and backed down:

Nah, he gets too much publicity.  Me, I’m just employee No. 23.

I recommend a recommend a radio talk show for these two in the distant future.

0 thoughts on “Hall Talks Cowboys, Jets And Rex Ryan

  1. FWIW, if you watched “Hard Knocks” with the jets, Rex had some nice things to say about D. Hall, after a sideline tackle. Most notably “Yeah, that’s why my brother cut your ass!”


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