How Neild Nearly Forgot His 24th Birthday

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Redskins Chris Neild and Jabar Gaffney share more than just an affinity for facial hair–they’re also birthday twins, born seven years apart and reunited by the Redskins.

Happy birthday to both Jabar and Chris!

Gaffney was coy about his birthday plans, smiling as he said, “I dunno yet man, I’m gonna get into something though.”!/JabarGaffney/status/142356867757248512

Sounds like a good time.

Neild was genuinely unsure of his plans, admitting that he forgot until he was driving in this morning that today was even his birthday.  Now that the ages of 16, 18, and 21 are out of the way, I asked him what exactly there is to look forward to at 24.

“Well, I’ve been renting cars,” he said.  “I guess car insurance goes down next year right?  Or is that after I’m 25?  Well, I guess I have nothing to look forward to for a while.”

Today was also a birthday of sorts for Neild’s beard.  Approximately six months ago, he was clean-shaven and has been growing his face sweater ever since.  For the sake of this conversation, Neild preferred to count his beard’s age in dog years, with a seven:one ratio.

“So if it’s a half-year old, then that would make it three and one-half years,” he said.  “What is that now, a toddler?  My beard is now a toddler.”

So that’s happy birthday to the both of you?

Neild said that he intends to curl up on the couch and watch a movie tonight–if by “couch” you mean the team meeting room, and by “movie” you mean game film.  Neild recognizes that a special night to himself isn’t going to pay off on Sunday.

“In the middle of a work week, man, there’s nothing really special to do,” he said.  “Everyone needs to just repeat what we’ve been doing and try to repeat what we did last week.  I’ve got nothing planned yet, y’know, and no one knows that it’s my birthday.

“So let’s just keep that on the low.”

So I did.  Shhhh.

As far as presents go, he said that he hadn’t gotten anything yet, and was only expecting something from his girlfriend in the mail.

But as far as big birthday wishes, he said he really wanted a West Virginia win tonight against South Florida (with a BCS nod on the line), and a Redskins win on Sunday.

“I want a huge win for Sunday,” he said.  “Every win is big for us, and we’ve got the mentality going into this game that we’ve got five games left and just take it one game at a time.  This game is gonna be ground and pound, so we really gotta focus in and get the job done.”

Even if that means extra work on your birthday.

On behalf of Redskins Nation, happy birthday to Jabar, Chris, and Chris’s epic beard.

0 thoughts on “How Neild Nearly Forgot His 24th Birthday

  1. Ditto form EL GORDO birthday boys.

    Speaking of NEILD, and thinking of RILEY, two spots where I earlier this season said we needed two top picks in the future, wouldn’t it be great if CHRIS and PERRY negated the need for a draft pick at NT and W-ILB?

    Then if BRANDYN THOMPSON pans ouit, we could draft a high pick cover-corner in 2013, and move PHILLIP BUCHANON completely off the payroll. With BYRON WESTBROOK as a seasoned vet by then, we might also dismiss KEVIN BARNES.

    We need to replace GOLSTON and I’m not sure SCOTT is the answer. JENKINS is already in the house for one DE, a third rounder in 2012 for the other maybe if SCOTT hasn’t panned out by then.

    We still need back-ups for ATOGWE and LANDRY though GOMES may prove to be the FS we need.

    That just leaves DOUGHTY to be replaced with an upgrade at the SS slot and a beast pick in 2014 to understudy FLETCHER.

    Offense remains the same

    1-QB in 2012
    2 RT in 2012
    Defense End
    4-OG in 2012
    4- TE in 2012
    Best available 5 thru 7


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