Hail! Revisits The Helu Hurdle

If the Redskins were looking for a spark in the running game, then just call Roy Helu “flint and steel.”

The rookie back had a career-high 30 touches for 162 yards and touchdown.  None of his touches were more important than his third-and-three play where he he caught the pitch, hurdled, bulldozed and sprinted 28 yards to paydirt, starting the improbable fourth-quarter comeback.

In this week’s edition of Ben Ceccarelli’s Hail! comic, we find out how Helu was able to levitate over his would-be tacklers:

0 thoughts on “Hail! Revisits The Helu Hurdle

  1. Hopefully next week after we get this win you can show Helu wearing a stolen jet rocket back pack and him flying up and down the field.


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