New Security For Fans At FedExField

AP Image

The Washington Redskins announced today in accordance with a new NFL policy, Redskins security teams will now start using hand-held metal-detecting wands to screen fans entering FedExField. The increased security system will be implemented at all gates starting this Sunday, with the game between the Redskins and Jets on Sunday, Dec. 4.

The same security lines that have previously existed will be utilized at all gates, but the addition of the wands may result in a slightly longer entry process. Fans are encouraged to arrive to the stadium earlier than usual to allow ample time for getting through security.

“The enhanced security system is part of the continued and comprehensive effort to ensure safety for all fans at FedExField,” said Tony Wyllie, Redskins Senior Vice President. “Using metal-detecting wands is less invasive and fans won’t have to unzip or remove clothes in colder weather.”

The hand-held metal-detecting wands will also effectively check for items fans should not be bringing into the stadium. Fans will need to remove their keys, change, cell phones and other metal materials from their pockets that may set off the wand.

0 thoughts on “New Security For Fans At FedExField

  1. My wife and daughter just went to today’s game 8/24/2013 they had thier personal items in a mess carry bag (see thru) holes were big, a dime would fall thru it, you said not allowed I think that’s a bit of over kill! There’s no difference between a clear bag and mesh bag!


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