Veteran Moss On Young Moss In New York

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Redskins receiver Santana Moss is synonymous with production and professionalism in Washington, where he has been a rock of stability over the last seven years.

But in light of the upcoming game against the New York Jets, he reminisced on some of the mistakes that he made with the media in The Big Apple.

“I came in young, went through something real rough my first year and not knowing how to handle the media, not knowing how to talk to the media,” he said.  “Even though I came from the University of Miami–you would have thought I would have know a little bit more about talking to the media–but I didn’t.”

Moss is a go-to in the Redskins locker room, willing to answer any and all questions, and never backing down from even the most skeptical of media.  The picture he painted of himself as a rookie was foreign compared to the Moss we know now.

“I really took out my frustrations of me not being able to play against the media–I just didn’t talk to them,” he said.  “When I didn’t talk I didn’t know that the responsibilities of their job, was just like my job.”

Sadly, many athletes can go their entire careers without realizing the role of the media in sports.  Just like players react to what they see on the field, writers react to what they see from the players.  If a player doesn’t produce–or can’t, in Moss’s case–it’s the responsibility of the media to talk about that.

“When you are young and you read that stuff, you are like, ‘Why are you talking bad about me,’ but I just didn’t know,” he said.  “I talked to some people here and there but I really just didn’t wanna talk that much because I felt like the media used to play tricks with me for some reason.”

“They never got a chance to really know me.”

A decade later, Moss is a happy camper in Washington, having built his career as a top-flight receiver and beloved member of the Burgundy and Gold.  Looking back seven years later, he can appreciate the path that he took through New York to find his happy place.

“When I left there I think being there it made me grow up,” he said bluntly.  “It made me know what I had to do, my responsibilities to you guys (the media) and know that your job relies on me to be able to be here and talk to you.

“So I swallowed all my pride and I do that.”

And for Redskins media and fans alike, we appreciate it.

Catch the rest of his thoughts on the Cowboys, Seahawks, Jets, and Rex Grossman, below:
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