Third Quarter Thoughts

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If you’re a fan of defense, the third quarter was a joyous time for you.

If you like offense, well…sorry.

In the third quarter, the two teams combined for 50 total yards and two (2) first downs in the third quarter.  The fans got back in the game, rocking the stadium hard enough that it could be felt in the press box.

The Roy Helu fumble at the end of the third quarter was the first of his career, and came on his 128th professional touch.  There’s never a good time to turn the ball over, but thanks to a stellar defensive stand, the turnover didn’t cost the Redskins any points.  Helu responded by gashing the Jets for an eight-yard run on the very next play.

The biggest play of the entire game so far, came on a Kevin Barnes nickel blitz from the slot.  On the play, Barnes kept his head high for as long as possible, before lowering it to make the play.  He was flagged for helmet-to-helmet contact, which is a simple penalty: either it happened or it didn’t.  Regardless of whether Mark Sachez ducked or recoiled into the hit doesn’t matter, because replay showed that it was clearly, unfortunately a penalty.

It was a negative play for the Redskins, but it was a net positive, because it re-awakened the Redskins faithful at FedExField, and it fired up the defenders around him.  That drive ended with a fourth-and-23 punt.  That hit might set the tone for the rest of the game.  One more big play can win it.

This game is all knotted up at 13 entering the final quarter of play.

0 thoughts on “Third Quarter Thoughts

  1. Gano sucks…Shanahan(s)-WAKE UP!!!! Get rid of him….2nd to GO? Your pretty boy, Grossman!!! What are u waiting for? These two characters have destroyed any chance the team had at respectability.

    You should have stuck with Mcnabb… I am ashamed to call myself a Redskin fan.

    Shanahan duo- LAME.


  2. Should have stuck with the rock pounding can anyone tell me why they got away from it please maybe its time to get a real offensive coordinator cuz we were killing them with the run how stupid can you get?

    we could have won many more games rex scares the hell out of me every time he drops back to pass how many pass plays do you call back to back mix it up davis did well becuz of the run if it aint broke why fix it.


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