1992 Super Bowl Among Top D.C. Moments

AP Image

The Washington Post Magazine’s Marc Fisher recently compiled a list of the top 25 moments in the Nation’s Capital, since they came into existence 25 years ago.

From that list, the 1992 Super Bowl Champion Redskins ranked seventh on the list, and came with this description: 

7. (1992) In January, after a 14-2 season, the Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills, 37-24, the last time a D.C. team in any of the big four sports leagues has won a championship…The Redskins won in ’92 by taking their first 11 games, riding what Kornheiser famously dubbed the Bandwagon, a vehicle expansive and powerful enough to carry the whole D.C. area along.

In general, the rest of the list is rather dreary, focusing on scandals and the not-so-lovely side of celebrity and politics in the District.  You have to report on what’s newsworthy, and all-too-often, what stands out is the negative.  The Redskins championship over the Bills in Super Bowl XXVI will forever go down as one of Washington’s proudest moments.

It’s nice to see the that moment ranked so high, from one of the Washington Post Magazine’s early years.

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