Fletcher Defines Redskins Commitment

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Following yesterday’s 17-tackle performance against the Jets, Redskins inside linebacker London Fletcher now leads the NFL by a wide margin, with 155 tackles this season.

Fletcher is a defensive captain, top playmaker, locker room leader, and everything that the Redskins could ask of him in the community.  He is the consummate professional through thick and thin in Washington, and was asked about his motivation by the CSNWashington post-game crew.

I tell the guys that I drink a cup of coffee, and take a cup of commitment everyday…That’s really how I look at it…I just take commitment.

It smells better than coffee in the morning, but it’s harder to swallow.

Commitment isn’t just something that he’s bringing to the 2011 Redskins–it’s something that he’s instilling in his younger teammates as well.  With his two Super Bowl appearances, he knows what it takes to reach his goals.

I wanna taste that again…I love playing in Washington, and I wanna be part of the team that brings back the legacy, brings back that tradition of winning.  I wanna be a part of that.

Over the course of his five years in Washington, his position has changed and his role has changed.  His teammates around him have changed, and there have been varying degrees of success.  In light of the fact that the Redskins can’t have a winning record this season, there’s understandable frustration, but also room for hope:

Y’know, it’s frustrating, I won’t lie to you.  I’ve definitely had some long days, long nights.  But this is what I do.  I don’t get caught up in what the score is, what the record is.  I play football.

There’s guys that play hard on this football team, I mean, you look at how hard we’ve played these last three weeks, you can’t question our effort.  Guys come to play every week.

Hopefully, Fletcher can continue his personal dominance rally his teammates down the stretch.

Check out the rest of his CSNWashington interview below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”809477/csn_2011-12-04-175817.1535.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Fletcher Defines Redskins Commitment

  1. Fletch has got to be a first ballot HOF’er when his time comes. He may not have the rings, but strapping it up every game and playing like it means something to him is refreshing in an era of Primadonas and cry babies. Hail Fletcher and the Skins!!


  2. Fletcher is the Redskins commitment and always has been. I do recognize other ball brawlers that show it by the fustration of caring about it. I hope the fustration becomes replaced with confidence eventually but for now if you care your fustrated. So for now fustrated is good.
    I wonder if Mr. Snyder’s commitment to the indoor practice facility is complete. I haven’t heard anything more about it. With the rain comming this week are we going to get quality practice for the Patriots? I bet there committed.
    Soon this season will be another short closed reflection of the years previous. We still have two divisional games ahead to be committed for. If you say it means nothing than you get nothing. It means everything to make a commitment statement to close this year. Not lay down in hopes for something that most likely will not pan out without the “commitment”. It would be nice to see commitment. I would like to see our running backs commitment. I see Helu’s commitment. I would like to see Grossmans commitment to improve for the Giants and Eagles upcomming. We’d like to see our shutdown corners fully committed for 60 minutes. I haven’t seen commitment much after bi-week. I wonder if those suspended considered full commitment. Commitment isn’t a sometimes thing.
    I can only imagine this teams fustration. I only feel a fraction of what it is . As a fan all I can do is get on here and stay committed and say I believe in what’s been started and WILL get turned around. Stay commited Fletcher, please show them how. HTTR!!!!


  3. Fletch certainly deserves any and all accolades he receives. He is one of few Skins who leave everything on the field each week. The Jets should NOT have won; they should NOT have scored 21 points in one quarter, when they were held to 13 through three quarters. Fletch ALWAYS plays with intensity, because he’s not a present-day player (he’s an old school, smash-mouthed kind of guy). His jersey should be the only one selling, because that’s the only present day player who’s jersey I’d even think of spending my money on. I do have a Sean Taylor jersey too (another player who left it all on the field). Oh, and the MSP awards (Most Selfish Player) go to Trent Williams and Fred Davis for their bonehead conduct.


  4. London Fletcher is a true REDSKIN. He should make the pro bowl every year. He puts it on the line week in and week out. I wish we had 52 ohter London Fletchers on our team. We’d be unbeatable. He deserves to be on a winning team for all his efforts. Hopefully, Redskins will get other players that have the same commitment that London Fletcher shows every day. He needs players around him that are as commited to the game of football and winning as he is. I can’t say enough good things about London. I could go on and on. He is terrific and a great person. He has a lot of character and would make Joe Gibbs proud as Gibbs liked high character guys. He would fit the mold. Thanks for listening. Hail to the Redskins and to London, ALWAYS!!!


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