Roy Helu Has A Beard And A Noble Cause

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Move over Movember, it’s time for DecemBEARD.

Redskins running back Roy Helu is spearheading an effort in the Redskins locker room, to sponsor facial air growth for the month of December.  His beard may not measure up to Chris Neild proportions, but his cause is just.

“You grow your facial hair and you get people to sponsor you,” he explained.  “They give all the profits to DecemBEARD, who partners with an organization called ‘Tiny Hands.’  They go to India, and they build up posts where they check for sex trafficking.

“The more money that gets donated, the more posts that gets built, and the people that are doing the trafficking are getting caught, which is a good thing.”

I think that’s something that we can all agree on, and an epidemic in some countries that gets forgotten in the United States. Tiny Hands is Helu’s charity of choice, but it’s part of a larger network called “I’ve Got A Name,” the faith-based conglomerate that organizes DecemBEARD.

Helu said that the scruffy look isn’t his first choice, but he’ll stick it out for a good cause.  In the mean time, he’s got a few sponsors in mind, because as he pointed out, “there’s some money in this locker room.”

Go get ’em, Rookie.

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