Shanahan A Little Sick Of Tom Brady Too

AP Image

In terms of personality, head coach Mike Shanahan is known best for his quiet sidelines intensity that permeates from his pigskin core.

But ask anyone that knows him, and they’ll tell you that he has a notable sense of humor, and a deadpan delivery style that would impress the folks at Saturday Night Live.

On Monday, Shanahan sat down with CSNWashington’s Chick Hernandez to discuss this weekend’s matchup against the New England Patriots.  He discussed, among other things, the competitive games that he’s had against Patriots coach Bill Belichick in the past, and some of the weapons at Belichick’s disposal.

Then Hernandez baited Shanahan, asking, “Are you as sick of Tom Brady as the rest of us are?”

And Shanahan shot back a quick, is-he-joking-or-serious response:

Clearly, Shanahan was having fun with the question and went on to make it obvious that he respects Brady’s ability and resume.

But just because he respects what Brady can do, doesn’t mean he has to like hearing about it.

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