Week 14 Power Rankings Roundup

AP Image

Although the Redskins have lost the opportunity to finish with a winning season for the first time since 2007, they still have an opportunity for a two-win improvement over last season.  All they need to do now is win the last four meetings of the season.

Call it a long shot, but this team has shown that it can compete with the best when firing on all cylinders.  The key now is finding consistency, something that they have another opportunity to do this Sunday against the Patriots.

Check out a lunchtime buffet of the Week 14 NFL power rankings:

CBSSports.com gave the Redskins No. 28, dropping from No. 26 last week:

FoxSports.com tumbled the Redskins to No. 25, after a lofty placement last week at No. 20:

NBC/Profootballtalk.com held the Redskins even at No. 28, same as last week’s No. 28:

ESPN.com dumped the Redskins to No. 27, down from last week’s No. 23:

NFC East blogger for ESPN.com, Dan Graziano reminisces about that time in Week 5 when the Redskins were ranked No. 10 overall.  At this point, that seems like a long time ago.  Graziano explains the tumbles as a product of the last eight minutes of the game:–

It was a fun ride that had them all the way up to No. 10 at one point. But the Redskins are nearly back to the No. 28 spot from which they began the season. They had a 16-13 lead on the Jets with just under eight minutes left in the game Sunday, and had they held it, I believe they might have even moved up. Instead, they somehow figured out a way to lose 34-19. And with two of their best offensive players apparently suspended for the rest of the season, I imagine they’re stuck right around the spot in which they currently find themselves.

That’s one perspective on the direction of the team, but it’s a little dreary for my tastes.  The Redskins are a team looking for key pieces, and they have the opportunity to test depth and talent while still putting the best available roster on the field.  One man’s lost opportunity is another man’s gained, and that’s how the Redskins have to approach the next four games.  Regardless of the record, expectations or schedule, there’s still plenty of good football left to be seen.

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