Bellamy Back To Work, With New Digs

Standing on the sidelines at FedExField last Sunday had to bring defensive back Travon Bellamy a certain sense of satisfaction.

Sure, he had been here before, but he had never really been here before.

It wasn’t that long ago that Bellamy was in middle school in Washington D.C., looking for his first official job.  The one he heard about was only as a seasonal gameday employee, but it was with the Washington Redskins.  His Washington Redskins.

After a few phone calls, Bellamy was all set up at a concessions stand at FedExField.  His polo and slacks weren’t quite the Sunday uniform that he dreamed about, and it wasn’t quite the role he thought he’d have with the organization–but it was a start.

Only a few short years later, it was the Redskins that came calling, to fill a hole on their practice squad.  And this time, Bellamy said his mom was crying with joy.

“Man, it’s awesome–a dream come true,” he said.  “Just to go from serving hot dogs and fries to playing for the Washington Redskins, is living the dream.”

Part of the dream is to go against the Redskins first string offense each week and help prepare them for the opposing defense.  Once he’s on the field, he snaps into game mode, but off the field he’s settling in too.

“It’s been amazing so far, I’ve just been meeting and greeting with everyone,” he said.  “The DB’s have taken me in, it’s just have a family atmosphere and I’m loving it.”

Speaking of family, Bellamy happens to be cousins with former Washington Post columnist and current ESPN analyst Michael Wilbon.  Bellamy and his Fighting Illini were a topic of discussion on Pardon The Interruption in the past, given that Wilbon attended Northwestern.

“My mom and I, we’ve spent time at his house downtown, and I’ve been on his shows before,” Bellamy said.  “But I haven’t seen him in a while.  I’ve been too busy trying to stay focused on football.”

Bellamy was an undrafted free agent who spent four days with the St. Louis Rams in training camp.  He’s already doubled that time with the Redskins, and is intent on sticking around here much longer.

“I’m doing everything I can to learn the playbook and I’m hopeful for the future,” he said, sneaking a grin.  “But right now, I’m just taking it one day at a time.”

0 thoughts on “Bellamy Back To Work, With New Digs

  1. I am very proud of you Tre. . .I know you will be the best you can be and the best that you can do and excel. . . I am very happy for you and things you have accomplish and set out to accomplish! I wish you the best!!

    Love your Cousin,
    Sharon W.


  2. You have always been in my prayers. I’m am so glad to be able to see how GOD is truly blessing you. Keep the faith and good work. God has much to acomplish through you.

    Love and Prayers, Great Aunt Johnsie


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