Patriots Send Gaffney A Trojan Bathrobe

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Isn’t there some moreal about accepting gifts from your opponents on the eve of battle?  If there is, it was lost on Redskins receiver Jabar Gaffney, who is proud to be the recipient.

With holiday shopping season underway, Gaffney showed up to team facilities today in his bathroom best, showing off his brand new, personalized Redskins bathrobe.

The robe arrived at the facilities yesterday, courtesy of Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light.  Light is a friend and former teammate from Gaffney’s years in new England, and he apparently has some sort of sponsorship deal with SportsRobe.

Whatever the reason was, Gaffney intends to put it to good use.

“I guess he wants more people to wear these robes,” he said with a shrug.  “Whatever it is, man, I like it.  I’m gonna wear this all over the place.”

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