Hail! And Atmospheric Miscommunication

I’m no meteorologist (I just play one on gameday), but since the beginning of the season it has been gorgeous on most Tuesday days off, and it has rained Redskins and Cowboys on almost every Wednesday.

As a fan of fair weather (not a fair-weather fan), it would be comically predictable if it weren’t so depressingly predictable.

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, Ashburn, Va. was hit by 3.1 inches of rain, which is approximately 31-times the historical average for that date.  As a result, the Redskins were forced to practice off-site, which was expressed to players and coaches upon their arrival, early that morning.

In this week’s edition of Ben Ceccareli’s Hail! comic, he ponders the possibility of players hearing the news wrong:

0 thoughts on “Hail! And Atmospheric Miscommunication

  1. I knew they would develope a game plan. With the bubble gum stuck to them from blown bubbles, it will help the ball stick to them. Maybe we can do better than last in that turn over battle now!


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