Week 14 Madden ’12 Redskins Updates

Alright Madden-heads, it’s time for your weekly Redskins updates.  With today’s obvious observation, the virtual Redskins are consistently given better marks when they win.  This week, following a loss, they get somewhat mixed results.

Check out the full list of Redskins moves and alterations this week:

In this week’s well-deserved promotion, Chris Chester was bumped up from a 73 to a 76 overall.  Chester has been old-reliable since coming over from the Ravens in the offseason, and has quietly gone about his business with quality consistency.

Chester is one of only two linemen that have started every game this season (Will Montgomery), and the only one to do so at the same position all season.  On a line with many moving parts, at a position that requires stability, Chester has done everything you can to protect the quarterback and open up holes for the running back.

In this week’s head-scratcher moment, Tyler Polumbus was promoted to No. 1 on the depth chart at the left tackle position.  The funny thing is, Sean Locklear is the top left tackle on the Redskins.com and NFL.com depth charts, and Pulumbus isn’t even listed.

Does Madden know something that the rest of us don’t?  Let’s head coach Mike Shanahan, circa Wednesday, Dec. 7:

“He’s working at the left guard position and the right tackle position.”


In a pinch, Polumbus has experience at left tackle, but it doesn’t appear to be the team’s top option.

Enjoy your week of gaming, and hail to your virtual Redskins.

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