Redskins-Patriots Halftime Report

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It’s said that playmakers make plays, no matter where you put them.  It’s said that Brandon Banks is a playmaker.  But no one said that Banks could throw the ball.

The Redskins lined up with Roy Helu in the backfield, who took the handoff from Rex Grossman, and pitched it to Banks, who had snuck into the backfield.

The Patriots defense doesn’t view Banks as a viable pro passer, and they shouldn’t.  He’s a speed demon by trade, and this was clearly a play where the Redskins were looking to seal off the edge and rush the ball with Banks.  The linebacker was closing in, the safeties were charging in, and the cornerbacks were cheating off of their receivers.

That is until Banks slowed his roll-out, looked up field, and threw the football across his body to a wide-open Santana Moss, about 35 yards downfield.  Moss had to come back for the reception, but had his man beat, and danced his way to the end zone.

That gimmick play looks like a keeper.

The receiver-to-receiver pass was the first since Antwaan Randle El hit Chris Cooley for an 18-yard touchdown on Oct. 5, 2008 against Philly.  The 49-yard completion was the longest by a non-quarterback in Redskins history, and the longest of Brandon Banks’ life.

He never threw for a longer pass in college or high school–Pee Wee stats were unavailable.

The play was also Moss’s third touchdown this season, 55th for his career and 35th as a Redskins player, tying him with Ricky Sanders for seventh all-time.

The kickers tacked on the additional four and six points to bring the game to a 20-20 tie at the half.  This is six points more than the Redskins have put up all season in the first half.

Brand new ball game in Washington, with the Redskins and Patriots knotted at 20.

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