Darrell Green Pays Visit To The Park

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Beloved Redskins great Darrell Green came to Redskins Park this morning to talk to Larry Michael from “Redskins Nation” about his new venture with WalkFitHealth Nation.

The 51-year-old retired cornerback–once renowned for his speed on the gridiron–has focused his recent energies on getting people active in the old slow and steady approach.

WalkFitHealth Nation (WFHN) is a web-based walking and fitness-monitoring portal where the members are encouraged to achieve optimum health and fitness through a personal daily walking, jogging or running regimen.

Essentially, it boils down to a social media site devoted to getting its members off on a healthier foot.

“In this country we have issues with obesity, diabetes and heart disease, all tied to activity.  We gotta wake up to that,” Green said.  “That’s some real life.  In my own family, we struggle with high blood pressure.  Literally, my sister–and all of my siblings–are on high blood pressure meds.”

This online portal allows its users to work alone or create workout communities.  They can set goals and track their progress, all with a mini pedometer that automatically tracks your results and uploads them to the site.  Studies show  that those using pedometers were 26.9% more active with an average increase of 2800 to 3000 steps per day over those who did not use a pedometer.

“That pedometer that she’s wearing is about the size of a quarter, and when you come within 30 feet of your computer, it just throws your numbers up here: steps, calories, distance, time,” he explained.  “It costs about 24 cents a day, and $84 dollars a year.”

The man who once pulled seemingly super-human feats on the field said that he now wants to be a model for the average Joe.  His main exercise regimen now is walking an hour and one-half every day with a focus on staying healthy.

“I don’t do that for a living anymore, I do that for my life,” he said.  “My biggest celebrity is that I can be aligned with a regular human.  I am but a mere mortal, that used to do something.  The whole message here is not about how fast I am, this is about how responsible I am to take care of my health.”

And that’s why Green has chosen to put his principled reputation behind this program that he helped design.  This isn’t a simple advertising deal, it’s something that he really feels passionately about.

“Because I am who I am, people know me as credible.  But this isn’t fake–this is real.  I wanna do this,” he said.  “I wanna be healthy, and I do this everyday myself.  Celebrity or not, I want to do this and I want people to do it, and it’s making a difference.”

You can’t play in professional sports for 20 years, and do some of the things that Darrell Green has done, without a passionate approach to life.

He spent years inspiring people and bringing them to their feet with his work on the football field.  Now he’s just asking them to walk around a little bit for their own health.

Check out this sweet promotional video:

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  1. Just wanted to say that Mr. Green was (still is) by far my favorite Redskin of all time. His work ethic, his 365 day attention to physical fitness and constant positive attitude still is in inspiration to me. This is the type of man the Redskins need to win today.


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