Helu Remains Humble As Praise Mounts

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With a 126-yard performance on the ground Sunday, Redskins running back Roy Helu served notice that he’s here to stay on offense.  It was his third-consecutive 100-yard game, which has been well-publicized as a franchise first for a rookie, a draft-class high, and the first of any Redskins back since Portis went five-straight in 2008.

But after the game, Roy wouldn’t hear the praise.  He attributed his success to his teammates, his line–even his backup Evan Royster.  The only thing that he would take credit for was his preparation during the week and film study–everything else was deferred to others.

Here were a few of his answers:

On continued success: “The offensive line played their butts off.  All credit to them.”

On going three straight: “It’s pretty cool.  All credit to the linemen, they did pretty great…Honestly, today I felt like it was a gift from the offensive line, and DY played his tail off.”

On the confidence Shanahan has in rookies: “I’m impressed with Coach Shanahan’s confidence in us.  I think a lot of us had experience going into the game.  I think Evan Royster did a good job doing that as well.”

For some well-deserved appreciation, we turn to Helu’s head coach, who addressed his contributions on offense, yesterday.

“He’s a guy that really looks forward to playing,” Shanahan said.  “He doesn’t make mistakes, and when he does make a mistake, it really hurts him.”

Helu proved that with his laundry list of things that he feels he can improve going into next week.

“I need to work on a whole bunch of stuff: being disciplined in pass protection, while running and accelerating my feet on contact,” Helu said.  “We played a lot of fullback in there and I missed a lot of holes.  But when I did him them, it’s due to home blocking so well…I think today I can definitely look at some game film and improve.”

Watching a young man speak in we’s and they’s rather than I’s and me’s is refreshing, to say the least.  It’s just unusual for the media to force credit on someone that’s clearly deserving.

0 thoughts on “Helu Remains Humble As Praise Mounts

  1. And to all the Shanahan haters, he said he wanted a strong D like Pitt, check, ball possession with run game, check, and going foward he wants to find his QB and excel the offense to another level. Well, if he can match his acquisitions so far, but only at the QB position, Shanahan will be a HOFer as we’ll be a contender for a long time!


  2. HIGHTOWER [hopefully], HELU and ROYSTER = nice season. TORAIN fell off the table though.

    And to a subject just as important as running backs………………run blocking.

    If they get that big right tackle in the second round of the draft to supplant BROWN, they can move LOCKLEAR off the roster. I’m assuming of course, that WIILLIAMS will stop toking. He better if he wants to keep making long green of another flavor. Otherwise, we might see BIG MIKE WILLIAMS make another attempt at a comeback [just kidding]. Seriously, I did hear that CHRIS SAMUELS was all healed up, and thinking of attempting a comeback as a back-up.

    WILLIE SMITH might be the answer at a back-up guard slot. He doesn’t look like the answer as WILLIAMS’ caddy however, though better than LOCKLEAR. I don’t think HURT is the answer at guard either.

    CORY LICHTENSTEIGER, CHRIS CHESTER and WIL MONTGOMERY have come into their own this season, but we still need one each of a high pick C and G down the road in future drafts for bench strength if nothing else.


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