Ol’ No. 28 Still Popular At Redskins Park

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Conducting an interview with Redskins legend Darrell Green was a real treat for me yesterday.  Trying to monopolize the attention of one of the most iconic Redskins ever, proved to be more difficult.

But it actually turned out to be the story within the story.

Fullback Mike Sellers is the last current Redskins player that was a teammate to Green during his latter years in Washington.  From 1998-2000, Sellers was one of the young fullback/tight ends on the roster, trying to make it in the pros.

“What’s up, young boy?  Was that a shoulder or an elbow?” Green asked as Sellers walked by.

“Hey man,” Sellers replied, looking down at his hyper-extended elbow.  “It was an elbow.”

“Okay, ’cause I wasn’t sure.  That’s better than a shoulder,” Green offered.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Sellers said, walking down the steps.

“I saw your boy came through and hit you,” Green said sympathetically, before saying, “Well, you should be back with that, rub some dirt on it!”

They both laughed, and we returned to talking about Green’s walking program.

Shortly following that, head coach Mike Shanahan walked past Sonny Jurgensen’s couch where we were seated, on the way to his office.

“Coach!  Darrell Green, man,” Green introduced himself, somewhat unnecessarily.

“Oh yeah, I know,” said Shanahan, with a broad smile.

The two exchanged pleasantries and talked a little bit about how the season was going for the team.  It was apparent from their conversation that they hadn’t seen each other in many, many years.

“I’m doing great,” Green said.  “Y’know, I met you a hundred years ago, we were somewhere-“

“Oh, I remember, I remember,” Shanahan said.

“-I always tell people, ‘Well, I only met him years ago,'” Green continued.  “Well, welcome to Washington, D.C.  It’s a late welcome, but I hope it still counts.”

“Well thanks,” Shanahan responded, shaking his hand a second time.  “I loved the way you played, and how you handled yourself.”

It was a pretty cool exchange between two football lifers that have dramatically different perspectives of a football field.

General manager Bruce Allen and linebacker London Fletcher also made their ways past our conversation and exchanged handshakes and conversation.  It just goes to show that no matter how far Green travels in his life after football, he’ll always have a special spot reserved for him at Redskins Park.

0 thoughts on “Ol’ No. 28 Still Popular At Redskins Park

  1. “……..It just goes to show that no matter how far Green travels in his life after football, he’ll always have a special spot reserved for him at Redskins Park……..” Brian Tinsman

    Special place for a special person. Really ‘special’ is not nearly big enough of a word to label DARRELL GREEN. Aside from SAMMY BAUGH, I have more respect for GREEN than any other REDSKIN to wear the burgandy and gold.

    i remember on draft day the last pick in the first round, and hearding his name called. Someone on the talking heads crew immediately said, ” That’s a great pick” and boy was he right. Another asked, “Where’s TEXAS A. & I.?” Heh! I’m not sure we know the answer to that query yet.


  2. Pat Fischer had more interceptions (in less games). I’m just saying. And could lay the lumber. Highly under-rated. Should be in the Hall too…


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