Players Invest In Christmas With Redskins

The holiday season is full of Redskins charity events throughout the DMV region.  Whether it’s a coat for a child, Thanksgiving dinner, or a meal for the homeless, the Redskins players are at the forefront of giving.

But not very often do the players have the opportunity to provide the cheer that brightens a child’s day, like they do at Darrell Green’s annual “Christmas with the Redskins.”

At this particular event, the players and other various members of the organization are given a name and picture of their appointed child, and they go out and buy that child shoes, clothes, and a unique gift.  Then, with the help of Ms. BJ Blanchard, the front desk receptionist at Redskins Park, they wrap the gifts in festive holiday paper and head off to deliver.

This might be the most uniquely personal act of giving that the players get to partake in, and as Green describes it, the blessing is on the part of the players that get involved.

“The privilege is ours, don’t kid yourself,” he said with a smile.  “This is the Super Bowl 12 times, meaning every time you go, the one you’re playing in is the most-special one.  The joy that we get–we’re the ones getting the blessing.”

For some players, events like this hit close to home, because they can identify with the situation that some of these children grow up in.

“I’ve been in his position before, I remember what Christmas was like,” said receiver Niles Paul.  “I’m gonna get him something nice and not just something that fits the criteria.”

Check out more of the Christmas magic, below:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”819343/819343_2011-12-14-121543.895.m4v”]

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