Byrd Compares Shanahan To Pete Carroll

AP Image

In college at USC, Dominique Byrd was a top-tier tight end, earning him the 93rd overall pick of the 2006 NFL Draft.  In the six seasons since then, Byrd has exactly six receptions for 83 yards in a touchdown, in 15 career games.

Last Sunday against the Patriots was his first game action since Week 1 as a member of the Seahawks, where he was trying to rekindle some of the success he had in college with Pete Carroll.  Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t in the cards, and was cut only a week later.

Now on his second stint with the Redskins this season, Byrd has processed all of his trials and tribulations that have brought him to Washington.  Although the NFL experience may not have been what he expected, as he told AM 750 The Game in Oregon, the book is still unwritten:

I’ve had some growing pains, so in revamping myself and my work ethic and rebuilding myself as a player, I had to take an honest look at myself as a player and give myself the best opportunity to succeed.  I have a great opportunity here with the Redskins, and I just want to make the most of that.  The skies can still be the limit.

What Byrd is looking for is a chance to reassert himself as a football player, but in order to do that, he’ll have to please a man who is very different from Coach Carroll.  These are some of the traits that he’s recognized as similar:

Definitely very different guys, but with both guys, you can definitely tell that they love football.  I can tell that both guys have been around forever, much longer than I’ve been alive.  There’s lots of information and just little points that you can get from them, just having been around the game for so long.

Talking specifically about Shanahan, Byrd had nothing but positive remarks for his leadership style:

One thing that Coach Shanahan does very well is getting guys on the same page as far as the thought process.  And the guys out here, the season hasn’t worked out as everyone would have want it on the wins column.  But all of the guys are out here fighting for each other, fighting for our family unit.  So that’s also a great positive that Coach Shanahan brings to the game.

One of the things that Byrd talked about in his interview was looking for the right opportunity to flourish in.  Over the last three games of the season, Byrd will finally have the opportunity as the No. 2 tight end to show what he can do at the NFL level.

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