Petitbon A Fan, Likes Team’s Direction

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This afternoon, the Redskin introduced former Redskins player, assistant coach and head coach Richie Petitbon as the 45th member of the Redskins Ring of Fame.

He will be formally inducted during a halftime ceremony at the home game against the Minnesota Vikings game on Christmas Eve.

Petitbon was a fixture in Washington during the definitive George Allen and Joe Gibbs years, and gave his assessment for what “Redskins football” truly means:

“I think I could only relate to what transpired when I was here, but you visualize championships,” he said.  “You visualize physical football, a team that’s going to play defense, run the football, and win close games.”

Despite moving on from the team nearly two decades ago, Petitbon has remained a supporter of the Burgundy and Gold, and counts himself among the Redskins fan base.  But that doesn’t mean it’s been all easy for him.

“Well, it hasn’t been fun,” he said bluntly.  “But let me say this–and not as a Pollyanna–people who know me, know that I very seldom shoot the breeze.  I think this football team is really on the right track.  I’ve seen tremendous improvement and certainly it’s not there yet.  But I certainly think they’re on the right track.”

Petitbon thanked dozens of people in his speech, giving his supporting cast all of the credit for his success and calling the designation “a surprise.”  When asked if he felt slighted for not being included in the list of 70 Greatest Redskins, Petitbon shrugged and replied:

“I gotta to be honest with you, I didn’t even know they had a list.”

Congratulations Richie, and it’s good to see you properly honored in Redskins Nation.

Watch the highlights, below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”820259/redskins_2011-12-15-135359.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Petitbon A Fan, Likes Team’s Direction

  1. I remember RICHIE breaking bones when he played in NORFOLK’s 1958 OYSTER BOWL with TULANE. A tough customer and a great player, not to mention his coaching.


  2. Wish Ritchie was still coordinating the Skins’ D. At least he wouldn’t be send all-out blitzes on every passing down.

    Hey Coach Haslett, modern offenses are built to make big plays on all-out blitzes. Perhaps you should try something called subtlety!


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