Carriker: Part Time Player, Full-Time Dad

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Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker is widely considered to be one of the strongest men on the team.  His role on the defensive line is to be the grizzly bear that ties up two blockers so the linebackers can make plays, or the rhino that bursts through the line and takes down the quarterback.

But when he’s off the clock at Redskins Park, Carriker rushes home to spend time with his wife and his two kids under the age of 3.  And that’s when Carriker goes from a force of nature, to a full-time nurturer.

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my kids,” he said.  “I have a 2-year-old (Addison) and an 8-month-old (Jacob), and I mean, they’re only little once.  I gotta spend as much time with them as possible while they’re little, before they get that attitude in their teenage years.

“Those are the years I probably won’t wanna spend with them,” he joked.

Carriker makes it home from work everyday around 5 p.m. and has a couple hours to play with them before they go to bed.  But sometimes during the season, Carriker has to field a phone call or interview from home, and that’s when the juggling act begins.

Earlier this week, Carriker was featured on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Report on MASN, and a Jacob can be heard in the background (around the 1:00 mark), voicing his displeasure.

“I’m literally holding him in one arm, and he’s fussing and crying, when the phone rings,” Carriker explained after the fact.  “So I said to my wife, ‘Sweetie, I gotta take this, can you please take him!’ But she couldn’t get to me soon enough and I had to answer.”

Using all of his wing-span and leverage, Carriker tried to keep Jacob away from the phone, all the while answering questions about his personal and team’s performance against the Patriots.

“I’m literally holding him in one arm and trying to pass him off to her, while she’s trying to come over and get him into another room,” he said with a laugh.  “So I had to answer the first couple questions with him crying in the background.”

And he did a good job of handling the pressure.  Like a quarterback placing the ball into the hands of his running back, Adam handed Jacob to his wife, all while sounding cool, calm, and collected on the phone.  What a pro!

Check out the entirety of his interview with Roch Kubatko and Amber Theoharis, here.

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