Week 15 Madden ’12 Redskins Updates

AP Image

Calling all Redskins gamers, it’s time for your weekly Redskins updates for Madden ’12, along with my own wry commentary.  This week, we have the typical increases and decreases, additions and subtractions.  We also have a virtual equipment update and an issue of dominant hand orientation.

Check out the full list of Redskins moves and alterations this week:

In this week’s big mover, we don’t have any Redskins making large jumps in development, but we do have poor defensive tackle Chris Baker making the most moves.  Baker had been working his way up the practice squad before finally signing to the active roster last Tuesday.  He was assigned to the No. 3 defensive tackle spot.  And after less than 24 hours on the active roster, he had a season-ending quad injury that landed him on injured reserve.

When David Anderson signed with the team, he was viewed by many as a safe signing who knew the playbook and could provide an insurance policy behind Santana Moss.  But Moss returned weeks ago and Anderson is still here, catching his first touchdown as a Redskin against the Patriots.  This gave the folks at EA Sports enough incentive to stylize his helmet features this week, with Air XP Model and the Robot facemask.

I guess in Madden ’12, if you’re stats improve, so do your graphics.

And finally, we have returner extraordinaire, part time wide receiver, and one-time quarterback Brandon Banks.  Let’s face it, no one really cared what handedness Banks was, until he rolled around the left side of the line on a reverse option play last Sunday.  If he ends up keeping that ball and running it, his virtual player is still right-handed.  But because he unleashed a beautiful spiral to Santana Moss (the top scoring play of the week, according to NFL Red Zone), he is virtually left-handed now.

And literally.

And that’s your weekly Madden update.  Enjoy your week of gaming, and hail to your virtual Redskins.

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