Arriving In The Land Of Snoopy

AP Image

This morning started off with an unexpected twist, as the team hotel’s fire alarm started going off just as people piled out of bed and into the shower.  It also turned out to be one of the most polite fire alarms I had ever heard, first suggesting that the alarm had been triggered, and then that I might want to consider leaving.

I obliged, but only because the automated man was calm and asked so nicely.

For most of the team, this is the first trip to this stadium, and everyone’s first visit to the newly-coined MetLife naming rights.  Given that the Giants don’t really have a mascot, per se, Snoopy will be the most recognizable mascot-esque feature at the game today.

I’m not sure what Snoopy has to do with the Giants, but then again, I’m not really sure what he has to do with life insurance either.  I’m sure it all makes sense.

An interesting feature of the stadium is that it’s a behemoth structure that is very tall.  Seems like an obvious statement, but the end result could spell shadow concerns for gametime.  As we speak, the sun is still rising and the shadows stretch nearly to midfield:

Because it’s still early, the sun will rise and eliminate some of that concern, but because of the low winter sun angles, these shadows should hang around throughout the game as they move across the field.  That combined with the sustained winds could affect the passing game today.

Maybe we’ll get to see what this Roy Helu character can do today.

All in all, it looks to be a perfect day for December football.  Bright, sunny weather and it should be pretty much 33 degrees from kickoff through the fourth quarter.  Headed down from pregame warmup…

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