Reviewing Predictions, Strange Bedfellows

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After Giants’ defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul blocked Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey’s game-winner in Dallas last week, it was perceived that the Giants were on a roll, even though it was only their second win in the last five weeks.

Meanwhile, the Redskins–who have played probably their best three-game stretch of the season, despite going 1-2–have been largely overlooked.  Going wire-to-wire with the Patriots was forgotten when New England held on for the win.

I’m not in the business of looking for a slight where there isn’t one, but only one brave NFL analyst is putting his name behind the Burgundy and Gold: ESPN’s Eric Allen.

In other ESPN news, the Madden ’12 simulation of today’s game calls for a comeback that comes up just short, falling 17-20. After back-to-back close losses, clearly the Redskins need to win today if they expect to earn respect.

Speaking of a Washington win, Redskins Nation will have followers in Big D today, as the Cowboys stand to benefit from a Giants loss.  Although many of the Redskins veterans are disappointed not to be looking at the playoffs themselves this week, Santana Moss and Jammal Brown talked about relishing the opportunity to play spoiler down the stretch.

Even though it may be awkward and entirely unnatural to be helping the Cowboys, it’s a satisfying consolation to make their fans cheer for the Redskins today.

Curious what the players are thinking about before they run on the field?  Pretty much the same things they’ve been thinking about all season.

We have a calendar check:

We have a weather update from the Miami, Fla. native:

We have some enthusiasm from a sugared-up returner:

And we have some excitement from a man who truly appreciates his given opportunity:

More from warmups to follow…

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