Who Is Your MVR(edskin)?

AP Image

As I have been accused of jinxing a lead in the past, I saved the posting of this 2-minute warning piece until the proverbial final whistle had been blown.  Now I turn the game ball decision over to you, as you toast your team’s first sweep of the Giants since 1999:

0 thoughts on “Who Is Your MVR(edskin)?

  1. Saw a comment here from ‘cranky’ fan saying cut REED DOUGHTY. A reminder, you can’t cut a player until you have a better replacement. Obviously the coaches didn’t think HORTON was the answer at back-up SS.

    Now that we’re going to have to squander high picks in the next two drafts to retain our #4 slot QB, we won’t be able to draft high enough at SS to get that player. HALL and DOUGHTY stay in burgandy and gold another season..


  2. I like titling this MVR, but what do you think about re-naming this to be called the “DMVP”? You could say it stands for the Districts Most Valuable Player or DC/MD/VA Performer….

    I think it sounds pretty good coming off the tongue!


  3. Don’t get too excited Michael T. Skins did their part to help your beloved Cowgirls but with two games left and Homo at the QB position…. I like the Giants odds.


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