A Former Redskin On Menu At ‘The Dons”

If anyone wants a taste of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, The Dons’ Wood-Fired Pizza in Sterling might be the place to go.

Over the last several years, Dons’ owner, Waleed Zarou, has become friends with former Redskins cornerback Darrell Green, who frequents his pizzeria.  Now he’s part of the menu, with a panini bearing his Hall of Fame initials: “The D.G.”

“He’s a regular around here, and he swings through here at the 50,000 mph speed that he operates on,” Zarou said with a chuckle.  “He came through one day and he said, ‘Man, make me something, whatever you feel like.  Whatever you think I’d like.’

“So I put this sandwich together for him, and it was love at first bite.”

For quite a while, The D.G. was known to only two men, before it started piquing the interest of other regulars at The Dons’.  As a result, Zarou asked Green for permission, and the sandwich has become a cult classic–much to the delight of Green himself.

“He called me one day, conferencing me in on his phone,” Zarou remembered.  “He has me on speaker phone and he says, ‘Waleed, tell these people what’s the name of that sandwich?’ And I told them, and he says, ‘I told you guys!’

“Of all of the accomplishments and accolades in his life, and he’s proud to have a sandwich named after him.”

After enjoying the humble presence that Green has provided for the Redskins in the past and present, that part doesn’t surprise me.  But why such a short name for such a important guy?  Apparently, it just fit.

“It’s nutritious and delicious–hey I like that,” he said, half talking to me and himself.  “I almost called it ‘Darrell’s Greens’ because it has spinach in it–the secret to his speed.  But I couldn’t give it away like that.”

It’ll just be our little secret.

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