Santa Shoppe Starts Friendly Competitions

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Given the short practice week and Saturday game, everything in the normal NFL week has been moved up a day.

So happy Tuesday to all of you.

Tuesdays are a day for players to give back, which is precisely what they did this morning at the “Skins Santa Shoppe” at FedExField.  The event is held in the locker room, and 1,100 area school children get to walk through with their favorite Redskins player and pick out their favorite toy for the holidays.

The toys are supplied by the Redskins in conjunction with the U.S. Marine Corps and the Touchdown for Tots toy drive.

Redskins players Oshiomogho Atogwe, Brandon Banks, Travon Bellamy, Chris Chester, Reed Doughty, Chris Neild, Cole Pemberton, Markus White, Erik Cook, Nick Sundberg, Ryan Kerrigan, Darrel Young, Rob Jackson helped underserved kids that might not otherwise get what they want for the holidays.

“It’s just fun that the kids get to come out and have it here in our locker rooms, meet some of the players, Santa’s here, get to pick out a toy, and just make it a totally enjoyable day for them,” said Redskins safety Reed Doughty.

Looking around the room at the over-sized boxes of toys, lollipops, horses and candy canes, he added: “This is a whole different atmosphere in here.  I think it’s cool that they have it in here, where the kids get a better look at where we play, but I don’t get any nerves walking in here today.”

And neither did the rest of the crew.  Maybe it was yesterday’s win, maybe it was the holiday spirit, or maybe it was everyone’s inner child coming out–but the players might have had more fun with the toys than the kids.

The biggest hit of the day were the NRG yo-yos that were handed out in addition to the toys.  For most of the young players on the team, this harkens back to elementary and middle school when yo-yos were the coolest toy ever.

Let’s just say that some players still had skills…and some just had enthusiasm:

But one thing that Markus White was still pretty good at was basketball, and he showed one little boy how to dribble with his new ball.  The boy got so into it, that he ripped his NRG flashing Santa hat off and went after the basketball.  We pick up the action from that point:

There was also a miniature skateboard that worked out to be about the size of a roller skate for the players.  Neild was able to flip it with just his hand, but Sundberg tried his luck as a skater:

Brian Gaines, executive director of the Redskins Charitable Foundation, pleaded with the players: “No injuries!” and it looks like the players escaped with bruised egos at worst.  It was a great time out at the stadium, and the perfect way to unwind after a win.!/ErikMCook/statuses/148797203702480897!/Travon_Bellamy/statuses/148779566066966529!/NickSundberg/statuses/148772155411267584!/TruckNeild/statuses/148810644970405889

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