Myers Puts Medical Supply Sales On Hold

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Earlier today, the Redskins announced that tight end Rob Myers had been signed to the active roster after spending the last five weeks on the practice squad.

There’s reason for intrigue in Myers, as this is his first regular season active roster opportunity in his three years in the league.  He shares an alma mater with Redskins tight end Chris Cooley (Utah State), and he has similar numbers in terms of height and weight (6-4, 239 vs. 6-3, 255).

This was his review coming out of the 2009 NFL Combine:

Positives: Good height, arm length and overall build for an H-back. Still growing, he could gain some mass to play with his hand down. Fast release off the line, and able to threaten the seam due to his height and straight-line speed. Lines up outside, in slot and as an H-back. Good hands; can adjust to high or low throws. Strong runner after the catch who is tough for defensive backs to bring down in the open field. Gives strong effort blocking, holds up adequately against college ends on the line and is able to lock onto smaller defenders in space.

Negatives: Durability is a major issue; missed parts of the 2006 and 2007 seasons and all of the 2008 season injuries. Played against a lower level of competition. Probably limited to an H-back spot unless he proves able to handle stronger NFL ends on the line. Inconsistent getting his hands on his target in space and sustaining blocks.

Time will tell whether he can succeed at the NFL level, but one this is for sure: playing football beats selling medical supplies.

Before getting the call from the Redskins, Myers admitted that he was running out of hope for his football dream to survive.

“I was in training camp with Indianapolis, and I had a rib injury.  I broke my rib,” he said.  “So, I went back home to Houston and I didn’t get any calls, so I started putting my resume together because I really wasn’t sure what was gonna happen.”

So Myers started putting together a resume that would get him in the door for a second career in medical supply sales.  Or possibly the oil and gas distribution business.

All things relevant to his public relations degree.

“I have some friends in that industry, and I guess it’s like they say–it’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Fortunately, Myers was granted an audition on the Washington practice squad, and five weeks later he’s the backup tight end.  His long hours and extra work has translated into a roster spot and a chance to suit up for his first Sunday games.  Now he’s just looking to contribute to the team’s success.

“I can definitely provide fresh legs, because most of these guys are pretty beat up by the end of the season,” he said.  “I don’t know what my role is gonna be yet, but if they want me to block, I’ll block, and if they want me to run downfield and catch passes, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

And if you had a Christmas present in mind for Myers, I hope you saved the receipt.  After today’s promotion, he’s all set.

“It’s been three years and I’m so excited.  My family is excited,” he said.  “I hate to be cliche, but this is the best Christmas present, ever.  This is awesome.”

0 thoughts on “Myers Puts Medical Supply Sales On Hold

  1. If this guy stays healthy and can contribute, then we should let go of Davis. Hate to do it but not worth it on a guy who has had 4 chances to not screw up. Better to let go of him now while he has a bit of a value than later on if he ends up taking another “hit” and screwing up the team.


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