Rolle Backs Down From Percentage Odds

If the Redskins have only a one-to-five percent chance of beating the Giants, then they must be one of the luckiest teams ever.

That’s what Giants safety Antrel Rolle had to accept, following his team’s second loss to the Redskins in as many chances.  With his trash talking turned to bad math, he finally had to admit that the Redskins were the better team this year (via CSNWashington):

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”822363/csn_2011-12-18-201303.1535.m4v”]

Redskins players responded amicably after the game, content to prove him wrong, not firing back any faulty predictions.

“Yeah, well, that’s my boy Antrel. What up Trel!” said free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe.  “He made that comment, and I wouldn’t say we were surprised, because we definitely know what we’re capable of, but they had been playing extremely well coming into this game and they had a lot of momentum.

“So to play so well against them, it’s an accomplishment and we’re definitely proud.”

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall explained that he and Rolle have been bantering back in forth since their ACC rivalry games between Virginia Tech and Miami.  Without saying a word, though, the Redskins talked louder on Sunday.

“Like coach said, at the end of the day you have to strap it up and play,” Hall said.  “You’ve got to prove it on the field.  So you know that ninety-five out of one hundred times?  It makes for a good clip but at the end of the day you’ve got to go out there and play.”

Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman admitted that as a team, the Redskins were keenly aware of the prediction, and that  it served as the necessary motivation leading up to the game (via DC Sports Bog, via The SiriusXM Blitz):

“When you hear something like that, collectively as a group when the coaches say that Saturday night in meetings, collectively you kind of see everybody’s head nod up and down, kind of start tapping their foot a little bit, kind of getting excited, kind of getting pumped up.”

Stats–while useful–do not replace the action that happens on the field.  But since we’re on the topic, the only stat that matters this season is that the Redskins won 100 percent of their games against the Giants.

0 thoughts on “Rolle Backs Down From Percentage Odds

  1. I love that last line! If only we could give the W back for draft position. Sorry, but look what happened bc we beat Tenn last year. Locker is a pro QB with all the intangibles for our scheme.


  2. Locker or RG3? Not that we’re a lock to get him or that we’re sure the Shanahan’s want him, but I’m happy with our options this year.

    I don’t know if this is just a crazy, unfounded rumor, but I keep hearing people say “And if we get Manning next year, (insert over the top 2012 prediction here)!” Can someone explain why this started going around?


  3. haha i wanted to hear him eat his words and it sounded like he was having a hard time getting them down all the way …oh well them’s the breaks hopefully this is a harbinger of better things to come for Skinz Nation HTTR


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