Larry Brown Visits Larry Brown, Circa 1972

When the Redskins ownership and front office collaborated to create the “Hail to the Redskins Walk” at Redskins Park and FedExField, the outcome was a mural to our marvelous history.

Some of the greatest Redskins players and coaches were immortalized in two dimensions, for everyone to see.

Some of the coolest people that have paid a visit to the wall, are those people depicted on the wall.  That’s what happened when former Redskins running back Larry Brown paid a visit to the wall yesterday:

Brown was a great running back for the Redskins over his eight-year career in Washington, winning the 1972 MVP Award and going to four Pro Bowls.  Over his career, he amassed 8,360 yards from scrimmage, 55 touchdowns, and led the NFL in rushing in 1970.

The “Hail to the Redskins Walk” is a deserved tribute to great players, and it’s only right that they should partake.

0 thoughts on “Larry Brown Visits Larry Brown, Circa 1972

  1. Outstanding player from K-STATE, deaf in one ear. They rigged a hearing aid into his helmet. LOMBARDY didn’t pick him, but he sure knew how to use him.

    I’ll never forget PAT SUMMERALL’s on-air statement as LARRY BROWN gained yards yet again against the G-Men, “Did you ever see a franchise run.” One of the greatest compliments that I’ve ever heard from an announcer of an NFL game toward one individual player.


  2. He was my hero growing up. I loved watching him run. He alwayls got up slowly after a run and walked back to the huddle as if he were injured, only to rip off another huge gain on the next play. Hail to the Redskins, and Hail to Larry Brown.


  3. I became a RedskIn solely because of Larry Brown. People today would just not believe what kind of man that Larry was, and is! I have never met him, but I love him. A better role model does not exist!!
    I will always remember you, Larry!!!

    John K. Benfield, III


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