Orakpo-Stafford Sack Worth Two Tickets

AP Image

In the true spirit of the holidays, Redskins outside linebacker Brian Orakpo made two tickets to Sunday’s game against the Vikings available on Twitter.

All you had to know was some Brian Orakpo Trivia:

Orakpo has 26.5 career sacks over 45 career games.  He’s had sacks from left end or right end.  He’s had sacks from bull rushes, rips to the inside, and jukes to the outside.  But his first NFL sack actually came against the man taken 12 slots before him in the 2009 NFL Draft: Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The sack came in a largely forgettable game for the Redskins, but served as a historic day for the rookie linebacker.  The sack sparked a streak of four straight games with at least a half sack, and a season that ended with 11 sacks and a Pro Bowl appearance.

The first tweeter to correctly answer the question was Marky Mark, who looks strikingly like the singers from the band LMFAO.  Good for him on both counts:

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