Redskins Featured In New ‘NFL Magazine’

In case you haven’t heard the joyous news, the league has created an all new official publication called NFL Magazine.  As it describes itself in the first few pages, it is:

“…an all-access magazine that will take fans where no other publication can go.  In the coming months, we’ll be taking you inside coaches’ pregame meeting, peeking inside the NFL Command Center, taking a trip down memory lane to see where some of the biggest names in the league got their start and what made them who they are today.”

So, it’s along the same ilk of what we do on the Official Redskins Blog, but from a league perspective.  And it probably won’t have Angry Birds reviews or Epic Beard updates.

In the inaugural issue of the league’s new NFL Magazine, the Redskins get some pretty serious props for their work off the gridiron.  First we have love for the dynamic backfield duo of Darrel Young and Roy Helu helping out at recent Play60 Events:

Of the three player pictures on the Play60 page, two of them featured the Redskins, which goes to show how involved the Redskins are in the community.  They’re also quite photogenic.

[Editor’s Note: And to my spell checkers out there, yes, DY’s name is spelled incorrectly.  That doesn’t detract from his efforts on or off the field.]

Also in the Fan Zone section of the magazine, we have a shout out to some of the best and most iconic fans in football: The Redskins Hogettes.  Under the title of “Great Fan Traditions”:

Nice to see the team get some well-deserved appreciation in the new inaugural issue, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more appearances in the future.

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